Annual reports are prepared for operations that took place on the Bancroft Minden Forest on a yearly basis and summarize the following completed forest management activities: harvest area and volume, renewal and tending, road construction and maintenance. 

The report also describes any significant events (e.g. natural disturbances, markets, labor disruptions) that have affected the implementation of the Forest Management Plan; the instances of non-compliance and remedies applied; the results of silviculture effectiveness monitoring and the progress toward the completion of actions assigned under an action plan developed in accordance with the applicable Independent Forest Audit. 

Trends Analysis

There are additional reporting requirements for year 5 and year 10 annual reports. These reports are considered “enhanced” and include an assessment, analysis and review of the implementation of the Forest Management Plan and any significant events that have affected the achievement of planned objectives. The trend analysis is based on information from the current and previous forest management plans. 

All Annual Reports and enhanced annual reports (year five and final year), can be accessed on the Natural Resource Information Portal.