Plans & Reports

All forest management activities on Crown land are overseen by the Ministry of Natural Resources. Planning and reporting requirements are detailed in the Forest Management Planning Manual .

Forest Management Plans

The Forest Management Plan is prepared by a multi-disciplinary planning team which includes government and industry members and is advised by a Local Citizen's Committee. This plan outlines operations for 5 years and projects forest composition changes over the next 100+ years. The planning process provides many opportunities for public input. All plans are approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources. For more information on planning, click here .

Annual Work Schedule

The Annual Work Schedule is prepared in January and outlines planned operations for a one year period (April to March).

Annual Report

Every November, a report is prepared which summarizes activities and accomplishments for the previous fiscal year.

Check Us Out

Our approved plans and reports are available on the Ministry of Natural Resources’ web site. To have a look at them click here , and select Bancroft-Minden Forest from the drop-down list.