What We Do

This is what we do...

Forestry on Crown land is a complicated business. Our shareholders run their own harvesting, road construction and maintenance operations. The Company’s job is to make sure that everything is done in a manner consistent with the current laws, regulations, licences, and standards. It’s best summarized as planning, renewal, monitoring, and reporting.


Nothing happens without a forest management plan approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF). We prepare one every 10 years, with extensive input from knowledgeable MNRF experts and a committee of local citizens. We also prepare annual plans, which describe what’s expected to happen for the year. Both are approved by MNRF. There’s more detail available in the Plans/Audit section.


As well as being a key obligation, renewing our forest is an essential part of sustainable management practices. A lot of effort goes into preparing prescriptions to guide our operations and ensure our forest is successfully renewed. It’s here where we lay out tree marking instructions and identify areas which could or should be planted. There’s a lot more detail in the Forest Practice section.

Monitoring & Reporting

Our highly skilled and trained staff monitor and report to MNRF on all operations in our forest. This is a wide-ranging activity. It includes, for instance, making sure that a water crossing has been properly installed, or that an aggregate pit has been rehabilitated. It might be an assessment of regeneration success in an area tree planted 10 years ago. We annually summarize all of our activities, and are in turn monitored by MNRF staff and auditors to ensure all standards and regulations are met.