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Tyler Hinze

Tyler HinzeTyler Hinze is a third generation logger who chose to continue in the study of sustainable forest management as a forestry technician. He started in the woods at a very young age cutting firewood, then falling trees and eventually logging within a ommercial harvest operation. In 2006 he graduated at Sir Sandford Fleming as a Forestry Technician, then immediately became an Ontario Certified Tree Marker.

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From 2006 to 2015 Tyler operated most forestry equipment associated with a forest operation. He also owned and operated a forestry consulting business, primarily tree marking and line running. In 2015 Tyler started at Bancroft Minden Forest Company as a Forest Operations Technician. Tyler's experience and knowledge in the practice of sustainable forest management has helped him succeed in his role as the lead compliance inspector for Bancroft Minden Forest Company.

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