Our History

Our History


Our Mission


How did we get here?

As the governments of the 1990’s faced increasing pressure to manage fiscal and human resources, responsibilities for managing Crown forest shifted to the industries that benefit from them. Local mills and operators mobilized and, over the course of several years of time-consuming negotiation, developed a Shareholder Agreement this is the foundation of our Company.

The Crown Forest Sustainability Act created Sustainable Forest Licenses (SFL’s) that are held by private companies through out the province. Click here to view our current license document.

SFL’s entitle the holder to harvest timber on Crown land and include the responsibility for planning, monitoring, renewing and reporting on forest management activities.

This type of arrangement provides a lot more flexibility and security for our owners, resulting in more stable business environment.

Government has not left the picture, though - the Ministry of Natural Resources has final approval authority over many activities and actively oversees what we do.