50 Million Tree Program

BAFIA is the delivery agent for Forests Ontario’s 50 Million Tree Program, a tree planting program supported by the Government of Canada, corporate sponsors and donors. It increases forest cover by making tree planting easier and more affordable for property owners and municipalities.

The 50 Million Tree Program was inspired by global efforts to plant billions of trees worldwide each year. As of 2020, Forests Ontario has planted more than 30 million trees through the program, producing over 16,500 hectares of new forest. Locally, the program has planted approximately 200,000 trees over the last 8 years.

This program has the potential to plant trees on your property at very little, or no cost to you. Planting trees is a practical way to get more from your property, give back to the community, and help the environment. By working with us, you can increase the value of your land, increase wildlife habitat, enhance recreational opportunities, and leave a lasting legacy.    

Unused open land that is left to grow up on its own often grows up with undesirable trees that do not have potential for future harvesting and sale. By planting trees in this area your land can be harvested in the future, producing a return for you as the landowner. By taking part in this program you could even realize a savings on your property taxes. This would be accomplished by planting 10 acres of trees or by increasing the size of your existing forests to more than 10 acres, which would make you eligible to participate in the Governments Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program. That’s a win for all of us.   

Be Part of the 50 Million!

Are you interested in taking part in the 50 Million Tree program? Please see the eligibility requirements below:  

  • At least one hectare (2.5 acres) of suitable land 
  • Land that is open, or mostly open, and has not been defined as a woodland since December 31, 1989, per the Forestry Act. 
  • To sign a 15-year management agreement to maintain any trees that have been planted. 
  • Practice good forestry management habits. 

If you think you meet the program requirements, please reach out to our program manager:
Virginia deCarle at  vdecarle@forestsontario.ca  or 613-334-7547.